May 6, 2015

Spring Life...

Our house is completely surrounded by beautiful, colorful groups of tulips, and they make me smile every time I pull into the driveway. Many of the bulbs were souvenirs from last summer's visit to Amsterdam - what a lovely memento! We don't get to experience the awesomeness of tulip season in The Netherlands, but I'm so happy we brought some of that awesomeness home with us. 

Work has calmed down for a while now, and I've had a really nice opportunity to catch up on all sorts of items on my personal to-do list. It's good to feel in control. I found out I will be staffed at the same client through the end of the year, and I'm happy - with the client, the commute, the stability...all good things. 

We have more little house projects underway, as always. I laugh every time my husband talks about the day the house is "done". What does done mean? There will always be something - such is the life of a house owner, especially when that house is old! 

Spring has not only brought flowers, but also the start of soccer and baseball seasons. My boys are so excited and happy to be members of a team, to be learning and practicing, and to be having fun. And I am so happy to watch them! I never had the opportunity to be a part of a team as a kid, and I do think it's such a wonderful way to learn how to win and lose, grow in different areas of life, celebrate sportsmanship, and most importantly, make friends. 

Next year Aaron will be playing his games in the Little League fields behind our house - not only will it be convenient, but it will be so much fun. The other night, they wandered over to hang out with friends who were watching siblings play, and as I looked around at the group of parents and neighbors and kids, I felt really grateful for where we live. It's a community in the best sense of the word.  

The summer is mostly planned, although there are a few open weekends left. For one of our big trips, we'll be spending a week on Cape Cod this year instead of visiting our beloved Maine. I will miss Maine, and the pool, but maybe the water will be just a tad warmer? We'll also spend another week at Lake Ontario with family - my sister and her family will be with us for two weeks. It's going to be busy and fabulous and it's going to go by way too fast. They always do. 

But before I start to lament the briefness of Summer, let me first savor each beautiful second of Spring! 

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  1. Your tulips are extraordinary. I love the range of colors. Sounds like you've got quite a fun summer planned. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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