May 21, 2015

Taking Stock - May 2015

Watching:  The Mad Men finale. I loved it. The end of another era and such wonderful characters. Who didn't root for Peggy? I thought it was really well done.
Shopping:  For a new car.  Kevin was in a car accident last week, and our car was totaled. Of course I'm happy and grateful that nobody was hurt. Big giant bummer about the car, though.
Loving:  The warm days and cool nights. Sleeping with the windows open.
Eating:  It's still asparagus season! I'm thinking I need to make something with strawberries for this weekend's cookout. Maybe one of my awesome strawberry-almond tarts? I haven't made one of those in a while, and I do love love love them.
Listening: I'm really digging Haunt the House. And the new Mumford & Sons. It's harder, edgier, more of a rock album...and it's good.
ReadingThe Bone Clocksby David Mitchell. His books make my head hurt, but I absolutely love them.
Wanting:  My house to clean and tidy itself. There's so much dirt and sand and spiders and ants this time of year. Ew!
Enjoying:  Little league baseball and soccer. I love watching my boys play. 
Thinking: My attention span is not what it used to be. Focus. Thought. It's all somehow harder, and I'm thinking the internet is at least partially to blame. I've been cutting back, as you can clearly see based on the frequency of my blog posts lately. More importantly, I'm cutting back on surfing/Instagram/FB/news. 
Appreciating:  My new sun hat - I had been searching for one for forever. I didn't get it in time for the Dominican Republic, but I'll have it for future beach trips.  
Discovering:  A somewhat new style emerging in my closet. Skinny jeans/pants with tunics or other long blouses/sweaters. Add cute boots, and I feel pretty good!  Kevin doesn't appreciate my new denim shirt, and I'll admit it's out of my usual style, but I got about 10 compliments on it the first day I wore it. It's good to change things up every now and then. (This coming from the girl who has never had a different hair style!)
Attending:  Aaron's spring piano recital. He worked so hard and learned some difficult songs - he's already better than I am (not saying much, but still), and he's so proud. I am too.
Working:  To get the yard and garden in shape. We spent all day Sunday spreading mulch. I want to get a few big pots of vegetables planted, just to have a little taste of a garden, since the real thing isn't going to happen this year. 
Hugging:  My boys.  All the time. One day they're going to get sick of it. Not yet, though. Not yet.
Feeling:  Good, overall. I'm still getting my footing at my current work project, but it's going okay so far. It will be a busy summer, but full of work and fun and family and life. Broken car aside, all is well.

This was my favorite part of the second-to-last episode. Go Peggy!

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  1. So spooky, I was literally thinking about you and wondering what was going on. Now I know!! No matter how busy we all get we must not stop blogging! I'd be so sad if you dropped out of this loop. And so - Mumford and Sons - yes I hear what you say. It's playing in our house too. Neeeed to get into Madmen - it feels like it's too big a project to take on now; I have only ever watched about 5 episodes from season one. EEek. Bad news about the car and I am glad he was OK. Scary business. And good news that you are embracing skinny jeans and that you are rocking a sunhat! Go you. Lou x


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