April 29, 2015

The Dominican Republic

We spent three fabulous nights in paradise. It was a very long way to travel for just a few days, but it was totally worth it. The weather was spectacular, the sun was hot, the pools were refreshing, the people were friendly, the beach was gorgeous, the waves were fun, the drinks were plentiful. I even finished my book! 

A few highlights:  
- Reading under one of those cabanas shown above while the boys played in the water
- Riding waves on a boogie board (I hadn't done that in years!)
- Drinking pina coladas and other tropical concoctions
- Dining at a Japanese restaurant (they cooked in front of us, the boys were entertained, and the food was good)
- Enjoying a bottle of champagne in our room while the boys watched a movie (Hey, it was all-inclusive!)
- Watching the boys swim and play in the pools mostly independently, except when we wanted to go in and play too
- Eating at the dessert buffet

The obligatory "walking into the sea" picture


  1. You know how I feel about palm trees!!! Ahhhh this is torture. Sounds like you had a lovely break - and well deserved. Lou x


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