February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh, three-day weekends, how I love thee.  We had a very family-oriented long weekend.  Lots of good quality time.  We went to the library, walked to the farm, ate at a restaurant, ran errands, played games, baked treats, painted pictures...  The list goes on.  It is pretty much nonstop action with these little guys around.  When I decided I had to sit down for a few minutes last night, they proceeded to chase and wrestle each other.  If only we all had their energy!

The highlight of the weekend, though, was a fun family day on the slopes!  We have had so much fun skiing with Aaron this winter.  We wanted to take him again this weekend, so we decided to take the whole family.  It was a ridiculously warm and sunny February day, which meant that nobody was cold and the hill was almost empty.  We asked for the "smallest skis and boots and helmet you have", which were perfect for our little guy.  Kevin and I took turns skiing with Aaron while the other stayed on the bunny slope, teaching and catching Nathan.  He was so excited to be skiing.  Every time down the hill he had his mouth wide open in a smile, and at the end he'd scream, "I did it!  I'm skiing!  I'm so upcited!".  It was absolutely worth doing. 

Here's to a four-day workweek with an excellent weekend to look back on as well as an excellent weekend to look forward to!


  1. That is so upciting!!!! I mean holy crap, that just can't be any cooler of you. So so fun!

  2. How totally, totally adorable!

  3. So glad he is loving the skiing! It is such a gift to teach children to ski. I can say that in confidence as I know from experience that I am a useless skier as I learned late in life. My husband on the other hand - he spent a few years in New England and skied most weekends in the winter. Now he is an amazing skier - like a really high level and so much confidence on the slopes. What you are giving your boys is a gift!! Lou x


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