February 15, 2012

A Little Green...

I really am trying some of the things I find and pin on Pinterest.   I already tried the White Bean Kale Soup this week, and that was a hit.  Since I had some kale leftover from that, I decided to try making kale chips.  I've wanted to try these for forever.  They are ridiculously easy.  I think these flatter kale leaves would be a little easier than the regular curly kale, but it was still pretty tasty.  Even Aaron munched on a leaf.  You really have to love that.

Next I really want to try these baked eggs.  Or since my kids adore granola bars, I'd love to try a homemade version like this.

Tried anything new and fun lately?


  1. Baked eggs? Do what?
    So I just made the Kale, and I used too much oil, had only curly kind, and coarse sea salt- do NOT use coarse sea salt! Ick! Salt chunks in every bite, and unfortunately our suddenly picky 2.5 year old wouldn't be fooled into thinking they were chips. Grrr...

  2. yum (and yum for your week's menu a few posts below too). I've recently discovered Kale, so will be trying out the white bean soup - sounds delicious. Have a wonderful weekend, Annie x

  3. I love kale chips. Giada has a recipe for an amazing lemon aioli to serve with kale chips, you should check it out.


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