February 8, 2012

Frisbee, Humor, and Mementos

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  When we got back home on Sunday, we played outside for a bit with the boys.  It can be hard to play outside when it's cold, at least without snow on the ground.  We picked up a couple frisbees.  Throwing frisbees in February when it's 30 degrees?  Actually pretty awesome.

2.  I've had several tense meetings at work lately.  On one particularly draining call the other day, a colleague made a joke, and you could feel some of the pressure lift.  What an amazing talent that is.

3.  When eating lunch in Stowe, my sister-in-law asked the waitress what would happen if a couple pint glasses went missing from our table.  She replied with a smile, "Glasses?  What glasses?" Now I have a pint glass in my cabinet that will always remind me of a great weekend.

Cy Twombley

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