September 9, 2009

Something Different

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I've started cooking with the big boy. Finding ways he can help me in the kitchen has been a great way of getting him out of the living room (away from the TV), especially on rainy or cold days. I am sure we'll do plenty more as Winter approaches.
I found this recipe for Lemon-Zucchini Cornmeal Cookies in the last issue of Real Food, and I thought it looked interesting. I knew my husband would never approve of spending time making cookies without chocolate, so I waited until he went out of town. I love finding recipes that just happen to use ingredients I have on hand. I literally had one lemon as well as one zucchini, with no plans for either. So this recipe was perfect! The big boy also loves watching me grate things. And an added bonus: a little more green into his belly.
The results? Pretty good! Unique, to be sure, but I love most things with a lemon flavor. A friend mentioned, and I agree, that they taste perhaps more like scones than cookies. They have a wonderful salty-sweet taste, and they're not too heavy or rich like classic chocolate chip or other flavors.
Anyway, if you're in the mood for something a little different or you happen to have an extra lemon and zucchini around the next time you break out your cookie sheets, keep this one in mind.
UPDATE: I had to add this quote from A: "I still like chocolate chip ones better, but I'm going to eat these because they're super super yummy!"

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