September 8, 2009

Five Senses Weekend

*The boy is fearless!

- The big boy running "really really fast" at the Farmer's Market
- The little boy smiling and cooing at me. He's getting more expressive every day!
- Clear blue September skies
- The big boy say "I want Sara to come back so we can play outside". It's so fun to have visitors.
- The "choo-choo" of the train that took me and the boys through the apple orchards at a nearby farm

- Probably the season's last corn on the cob
- Blueberry pancakes, like most Sunday mornings. Enjoying them with fresh blueberries while they last.
- A good glass of pinot noir (Sara, when we come visit you we are definitely taking a trip to some Willamette valley vineyards)

- Sunday morning bacon
- Fresh paint. Not really a great smell, but an exciting smell as we near the end of painting in the office. Pictures to follow once we're really done.

- Lots of hugs from my boys
- Lavendar sea salt scrub, for use when I have an extra few minutes in the shower. I've gotten to use it most days this week. What a luxury!
- Scratchy hay, as the big boy and I climbed the hay pyramid at the farm

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  1. you know i love this post!!! i wish i could pop back over to play outside with A! the oregon wine country awaits your do the fritschs! xoxo


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