September 9, 2009

Organizing Update

Remember this post? I had come up with a list of projects I want to have completed by 10/31. It's time for a check-in to see how I'm doing. Less than two months left!

1. Clean out sock drawers. Match up or throw away singles. Get rid of holies.
2. Break down and get wood hangers for our closet. (No, but I did just get another Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, so perhaps that's my sign to go ahead and do this.)
3. Clean out/organize medicine cabinets. Throw away everything that's expired. (Except a few of K's personal items, because he gets pissed at me when I do that.)
4. Spend a couple weeks organizing meals around pantry items that have been there a while and need to be used up. Donate any other old and unused items. (This is an ongoing item, though. Right now I'm still working my way through a whole row of half-used pasta boxes.)
5. Rotate winter/summer clothes. Donate any unwanteds.
6. Rotate summer/winter clothes. Donated any unwanteds.
7. Donate all my maternity clothes. (Done today! And WOOHOO for getting into my own jeans again!)
8. Organize bathroom drawers.
9. Clean out kitchen junk drawer. (Worse than ever, I'm afraid.)
10. Get rid of excess/old tupperware/containers. Return a few to Mom-in-law. (Partially done. Going to in-laws this weekend, so this is a good reminder to bring a few along.)
11. Clean out recipe binder - eliminate recipes I haven't tried yet or didn't like.
12. Donate my wedding dress. (Okay, latest update on this is that my sister wants to give it a try, so this is on hold for now.)
13. Organize all our books on bookshelves. Prioritize and donate anything that doesn't fit on a shelf. (Office is almost done. Really.)
14. Clean out the car. Load a CD case with driving music. (I need some different tunes now, though.)
15. Organize kitchen cabinet containing all my baking supplies.
16. Freecycle our old grill. (I don't know why this isn't done, but I think it's too late now. It might have to sit in our shed until next summer.
Hmmmm. I still have a ways to go. I better get going! I'm off to organize those bathroom drawers right now!


  1. Give away maternity clothes? What will you do for your next pregnancy? :)

  2. Freecycle that grill!! Do it now! Too late too schmate- there's always someone wanting free stuff year round.

  3. Har har! I am DONE! Two beautiful boys is perfect for me! Hooray!

  4. Awesome list, and so many things crossed off! Very impressive!! I need a master list!


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