September 28, 2009

Jeans, September, and Chubby Baby Fingers

*A playing with a monkey on his back didn't even make the list! That's how good life is.

During a conversation last week, my sister mentioned that she and her husband were going to write down their happy lists, just to remind themselves of all the happy and positive things in their lives. It reminded me that I've been slacking on posting my weekly three beautiful things. A one-time happy list is good and fun, but it's important to maintain your focus on the infinite wonderful things life has to offer. So I am renewing my efforts, and here are this week's Three Beautiful Things:

1. I'm back in all my own clothes, and I've donated all my maternity clothes. Wearing my own jeans is such a beautiful thing. Knowing that my pregnant days are behind me is a bittersweet but beautiful thing as well.

2. Cool and crisp September days with clear blue skies and orange trees. Last week's quote from A: "Mom, look at that tree! The leaves are turning orange and red and yellow. Isn't that cool? I like it when the trees do that."

3. I love the way the little boy holds on to the neck of my shirt when he's nursing. I could stroke his soft pudgy fingers all day long.

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