August 3, 2009

Saturday Routines

I think I've found our summertime Saturday ritual. In the Winter, we often head to our local library on Saturday mornings. It's a great way to get out with a toddler, and of course I want him to love the library. Well, our Summer ritual now involves heading to our town's farmer's market. We went again this weekend and had a great time. I thought I'd share a few pictures. Sorry for the long post, but I couldn't decide which pictures to include. Enjoy! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Want a raspberry?

Hooray raspberries!

We also walked across the street to the fire station. A must for any little boy.

N was underwhelmed, but that's the way we like him right now.

My boys!!

I splurged on some gorgeous dahlias. They are now sitting on the dining room table, making me happy every time I walk by, reminding me of a lovely Saturday morning.

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