August 17, 2009

Five Senses Week

*Sangria Saturday (or Friday, or whatever day it was Sangria, and it was good)

*Aaron enjoying the hose

- Aaron running through the hose over and over and over again
- Nathan stretching and squirming after a satisfying meal
- Aaron enjoying time with his cousin Zach. They were so cute together! Can't wait until they get old enough to really play together.
- My pretty pink toes after spending some quality sister-time getting pedicures

- Aaron yelling "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GO!" and then going down the hill really fast on his bike (with Daddy pushing). Who says you have to stop at 3?
- The sound of silence as all 3 boys took naps at the same time. That's a beautiful thing.

- Marinated swordfish, mussels and fries, barbecue pork tenderloin, lobster, grilled much yummy goodness!
- Ice cold lemonade on a hot day
- Rich blueberry cake - recipe to follow
- Ice pops - had to enjoy some with Aaron

- Corn on the cob, as I helped Aaron shuck. We enjoyed corn most days last week. Not much compares to fresh corn in August.
- Super soft baby skin

- Fresh peaches, tomatoes, basil
- Super clean baby skin

*We enjoyed a lot of great meals together!

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