August 25, 2009

Happy Mom Moments

Being the mom of a toddler is tough. Being the mom of a toddler and a baby is really tough. So much time and energy is spent on parenting these days - "don't throw your toys, Sweetie", "eat just one more bite of your corn, and then you can have dessert", "don't hit Mommy", "thank you for sharing your books with your friends", "it's time to get in the bath", "ask nicely", etc etc.... It's great, but it's exhausting, especially when my requests are met with a loud "NO!" in response. I have to make sure to spend time focusing on the fun we're having and just how darn cute my boys are! So I thought I'd capture some of the big boy's recent cute and positive moments.

"Thank you for getting more milk for me, Mommy." (He's very big on Thank You lately. He recently thanked me for kissing his boo-boo and making it all better.)

He asked if he could watch something. I said, "No, honey, no more TV today. Want to play legos with me?" He responded, "Sure! Absolutely! We can do that!"

He asked what we were having for dinner. I told him it was scallops and pasta and zucchini. He took a big bite of zucchini, declared it yummy, and finished all of it before eating anything else. He also finished his scallops. Going into that meal, I assumed the cheesy lemon pasta would be the only thing he ate. He ate a little of it but filled up on the rest. Love it.

He ran up to me and said, "Mama! Nathan smiled at me! Look how cute he is!"

He loves taking his trucks and "going to the grocery store". He was playing in the front yard, he told me he was going, and he said, "Mama don't cry, but I'm leaving. I'm going to get whipped cream and sprinkles for the ice cream. Don't cry. I love you." And then he blew me kisses.

I asked him for a hug, and he hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you Mama."

Man, I love this kid!

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