June 17, 2009

Totally and Completely in Love

*I know I'm biased, but come on - he's gorgeous!

I am head over heels in love with this little boy. Here are some highlights from just yesterday:

- When I got him up in the morning, he said, "Let's go have pancakes, Mommy!" Everything is just so exciting these days!! "Oooooh, Mommy.....bacon!"
- "Mom, Daddy's at work. And you have to go to work. I'M going to school today. To play with my friends. I'm going to bring a couple books. Kay?"
- Me: "Aaron, we have to get dressed now to get ready for school." Aaron: "No." Me: "Come on, Sweetie. Time to get dressed." Aaron: "No." (I had to include one of these exchanges in order to keep the message authentic. He eventually did come - he just has his own timetable and does not like to be rushed.) Me: "Honey, we have to get ready for school. You can bring your truck upstairs if you want." Aaron: "Okay, Mom. I'm coming."
- Car rides are really just an excuse to look at trucks. The boy is ridiculous about trucks. He knows them all and gets SO excited when he sees one, especially particular favorites. "OOOH, Mommy, LOOK! A cherry-picker! That's Daddy's favorite! And a car transport! That's your favorite! LOOK! Do you see it?!"
- When I arrived at day care, he sprinted across the playground and jumped into my arms, wrapping his arms around my neck. "I love you, Mommy." (You just can't beat that!)
- "Mom, can I watch some Elmo please?" (A perfectly polite question without the typical initial whining and my prompting him to ask nicely.)
- After watching a Sesame Street video ("Fiesta"), he spent dinner singing, "Amigo, Amigo, lalalalalala...." "Sing, Mommy!"
- "Mmmmm.....yummy pasta and chicken, Mom." (He's still not a big eater, but at least he tries everything. Grilled chicken and pesto pasta, a small bowl of grape tomatoes, and half a pear for dessert. Not bad.)
- Aaron: "What are you doing, Mom?" Me: "Cleaning the dishes, Sweetie." Aaron: "Wait! Let me help you!"
- "Come and play, Mommy. Come!" Sometimes chores must wait. I can't resist an invitation to play. We spent the time after dinner singing, dancing, making snowmen out of play-doh, throwing balls, and rolling trucks back and forth to each other.
- "Daddy! Hi! Come read stories! Hurry!" Kevin came home from work in time to read bedtime stories. "We're going to read 3 stories....that's the deal." We've been falling into the "just one more book" trap lately, so we're trying to be more consistent. Aaron is picking it up very quickly.

All of these exchanges or comments were from just one day! And that was a day when I had to work and therefore only got to hang out with him in the morning and evening. He amazes me, and I swear I love him more every single day.


  1. Uh uh. Wait, how do you spell that, as in in "no way"? Too cute, too much!!!!

  2. This was so heart-warming to read. And he *is* gorgeous!


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