June 16, 2009

Summer Reading

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Okay, so I know I'm getting ready to have a baby, and I probably won't have a lot of time to read this summer. At the same time, I will be at home for a while, and new babies do sleep at times, so perhaps I will actually be able to pick up a book every now and then. I also remember some long night feeding sessions, especially in the early days, when I was able to balance a book in one hand. So we'll see.

I just finished reading People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks. I enjoyed it very much, but it was not an easy read. I also enjoyed her other books, including March and Year of Wonders, so if you haven't read this author, I'd recommend her. (Start with March - it's great.)

But now I'm thinking I need something a little lighter, easier to pop in and out of as I have time. This article in the NY Times contains some book recommendations that I plan to check out. I thought I'd share in case you might be looking for something new for your nightstand as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous16.6.09

    I read the article and none of those "chick" books appeals to me, nor does the idea of a "chick" book, beach read, etc. I don't like when they think they know what every woman would want to read, although the Jane Green book might have potential. I am reading Jeanne Ray's "Julie and Romeo get lucky", I like her books. I also like Elizabeth Berg, Jasper Fforde (for really literary, quirky, intelligent, fun stories), the Fablehaven series ("Kid's" books but fun), Hood by Stephen Lawhead, a different take on Robin Hood. That's a few of what I have been or like to read. I am sure I have more, but my mind can't drum them up. Elinor

  2. Elinor - I don't normally like "chick" books either, but a couple of these sounded like they had potential. I just need something lighter than what I've been reading. I've read most of Elizabeth Berg and really like her. I'll check out your other recommendations too - Thanks for sending them!


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