June 8, 2009

Quote of the Day

—Don Kardong
*Image from Haagen-Dazs.com
(I tried this pineapple coconut ice cream for the first time this weekend. It is beyond yummy! It makes you feel like you're on vacation on a sunny warm beach. Mmmmmm.)


  1. pineapple coconut?? we couldn't give that crap away at BR....must be a pregnancy thing. XOXO Julie

  2. The stuff at Baskin-Robbins was crap. And perhaps it is a pregnancy thing. I don't know. I never would've even thought to get that flavor on my own, but it was there, and hey, I love ice cream, so I'll give it a shot, ya know? Turns out it is seriously scrumptious. Seriously. Tastes like a creamy pina colada.


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