May 2, 2008

Happy List

The Happiness Project is a great blog about all things happy. The author provides thoughts and tips about the challenges of being happier. Zen Habits is another good blog, focusing on happiness, health, simplicity, family. But if you want to just stick with me, I can promise to share some of my favorite posts from them here. One in particular from Zen Habits - you can read it here if you want - inspired me to make a happy list of my own. I think we all need the reminder to live more fully in the present and really appreciate the things that make us happy every day. Off the top of my head...

Dancing with my boys
My husband's blueberry pancakes
Crisp Fall afternoons with clear blue skies
An afternoon game at Fenway
An empty dishwasher and clean counters
Singing out loud in the car (or at home, or anywhere really)
Tickling the little boy until he snorts
Christmas stockings
My mom's summer ziti
My dad's macaroni salad
Long, hot, uninterrupted showers
Ice cream (too many flavors to name all my favorites)
Walking barefoot in the grass
Family reunions
Talking with my sisters
Going somewhere I've never been before
Watching shooting stars
Having a beer on the front porch with my husband
Good conversation with friends
Reading a book I can't put down
The smell of banana bread coming from the kitchen
Having nothing to do
A snowstorm when I have nowhere to be
Watching a sunset

What are those simple pleasures in life that make you happy?


  1. love this post!!! love your list. want to make my own list. love from your blog bud! xo

  2. Anonymous29.9.08

    I truly found inspiration from reading this. ☺


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