November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap and Goals

This year's version of the soup can turkey.  His name is Tommy.

What a nice long holiday weekend.  I adore Thanksgiving.  It's the only holiday with no cards or gifts or expectations outside of spending time with family, eating good food, and being thankful.  Awesome. 

A few highlights:
*I love family traditions.  The soup can turkey (see above).  Inspired by Sara, I think next year we'll either do a gratitude tree; or if we stick with the turkey, perhaps we'll have everyone write what they're thankful for on the turkey feathers.  Love it!
*Food.  My favorites:  cheese plate, celery sticks with chive cream cheese, bread bowl with veggie dip, honey-glazed carrots, fresh cranberry sauce, and leftover turkey sandwiches.  My big boy eats them the same way I do:  cold turkey, wheat bread, mayo, salt/pepper, dipped in cranberry sauce.  Yum.  (Shh...don't tell anybody, but I didn't eat any turkey on Thanksgiving Day - I waited for the leftovers.)
*Great weather.  It allowed us to get outside to take walks and ride bikes a lot.
*The family bake-off!  I made a chocolate-pistachio torte, and my sister-in-law made a spicy pumpkin cake with cream cheese and coconut frosting.  She won.  I'm still not sure how, because I personally preferred my own, but I must concede that she got more votes.  I think it was the frosting.  I will say, though, that mine was just as good on day 4.
*A night out.  We left the kids home with Grandma and went out with my husband's sisters and spouses.  We went to quite possibly the best burger place I've ever been to.  It definitely was the best veggie burger I've ever had.  K's burger had gorgonzola, bacon, and arugula.  Oh, and the fries had this dipping sauce that must have some addictive drug in it, because I found myself wanting to lick the container it came in.  We went out for dinner and drinks, and we had a fun night.  It's very rare that we all get to go out like that, and it made the weekend extra special.

And now the countdown to Christmas has begun.  We decorated the tree yesterday, and my big boy has begun his daily requests for candy canes.  Before Christmas, though, we have a 5th birthday to celebrate!  There is much to be done. 

A few goals for the week:
1.  Extend the feeling of gratitude that Thanksgiving brings and carry it throughout the season.
2.  Buy pinata fillings.  Find a good recipe for yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  And other birthday party preparations.
3.  Exercise.  Remove some of the jiggle I added last week. 
4.  Start the holiday cards. 
5.  Pick out cookie recipe contenders.  Do you have a favorite? 


  1. thanks for the love, darling turkey we may have to do that one next year! just addressed your christmas card, this is my first time doing cards, ever. feels so grown up. xo

  2. Hi Mary, I thought of you at thanksgiving; we don't have that holiday so I just defer to my American friends! Did you get my email re a guest post?? Lou x


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