November 30, 2010

Photos of the Day and a New Tradition

Take a look at our new Thanksgiving tradition - the soup can turkey.  I went on our holiday trip armed with little activities and diversions in an effort to keep the big boy engaged.  One of the things we did was this soup can turkey, and I am pretty confident it will be an annual tradition from now on.  We had a great time making him, and he looked so cute as our table centerpiece.  He didn't want us to give the turkey a name, so he was simply called "turkey".  Fine by me. 
The little boy kept himself entertained.  He received this stuffed Cookie Monster as a gift, and it hasn't stopped cracking him up yet.  When we got home and were busy unpacking and settling back in, he played on the dining room floor for about an hour.  I guess the boy doesn't need more than a bag of cars and trains. 


  1. What a great project and both of your boys are so sweet

  2. awww so cute!!! what a great project. one day you'll have them all the soup can turkeys lined up together (:

  3. If I am ever feeling down, I just need to look at that cookie monster smile! And the turkeys are too fun!


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