November 10, 2010

I'm Such a Sap...

Seriously.  I cry at anything.  I mean, in addition to the obvious sad situations, I cry at the happy stuff too.

- The Folger's (is it Folger's?) commercial when the son/brother surprises his family on Christmas morning.  It's at least 20 years old and it still makes me tear up.
- The end of When Harry Met Sally, when Harry confronts Sally at the New Year's Eve party.
- Little kids singing patriotic songs.  "And I'm proud to be an American..."
- The scene in Sense and Sensibility when Hugh Grant's character proposes to Emma Thompson.  Buckets of tears.  Every single time.
- Little kids hugging and helping each other.  Is there anything sweeter?
- The end of It's a Wonderful Life for sure.

I'm sure I could come up with a hundred more examples, especially movies and TV shows.  I smile so big I can't help but cry.  The video above is a T-mobile ad.  Cracks me up at the end when the T-mobile comes up.  And yet, I still had tears on my cheeks when it did.  Check it out - it's sure to at least make you smile.  Hopefully not cry, unless you're a total sap like me.


  1. I'm so glad you loved this video as much as I did! I think I know what Folgers commercial you're talking about too. Tears. Every time.

  2. Kittymac13.11.10

    Must run in the family. I'm a sap too. :)


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