November 14, 2010

At This Moment... is 8 o'clock at night, and the boys are asleep.  I have always had an appreciation for silence, but I absolutely crave it now. holiday wish list continues to grow.  My family and I don't even really buy a lot for each other.  Especially since my family has to travel a long distance via airplane, we generally keep it small, filling our stockings and that's about it.  And yet I can't stop adding to the list!  There's nothing wrong with wishing, right?  The latest additions?  The cookbook from the Flour bakery here in Boston just made the list.  It's one of the best bakeries ever, and the book looks divine.  Also I could really use a new address book...
...I'm exhausted.  It was another weekend alone with the boys, and the little one is sick.  We managed to have quite a bit of fun, but I'm beyond pooped.
...the house still smells like the pumpkin-cranberry muffins the big boy and I made this afternoon.  A great diversion, and so nice to have an easy and yummy breakfast ready for the next few days!
...There is a pile of stuff on my dining room table.  It drives me crazy to have things piled up in that room, which is central to the house, and yet I can't bring myself to clean it up tonight.
...I'm going to pack lunches and get ready for the week.  I'm a little nervous that I might end up at home tomorrow with a feverish little boy, but better to be prepared either way.  Fingers crossed...
...I thought I'd leave you with a little loveliness to start your week.  Enjoy...


  1. kudos to you for taking care of the kiddos alone. I complain when I have to do it, and I only have one. :\

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures mary ruffle - now that is a source of calm after a busy day. I can so relate to that feeling of tiredness at the end of a day alone with the kids. Then that look around the house that is a mess and the thought that you just can't muster the energy to deal with it. If it's any consolation my house is the same. Hope your little one is OK - and that fever lifts. Lou xx

  3. wonderful pics. I like that wooden cabinet. have a wonderful new week!

  4. such beautiful images. Hope your little one feels better soon.

  5. kate is so lovely and so are those flowers!! hope you didn't get sick today, mary.

    also, you are a very good mom. i hope to be like you when we have kids. any mom who bakes with her kiddos is all right in my book.

  6. Hi Mary, you seem to have a full plate and even have time to post these lovely pics. I've been looking around your blog and I really love all the interior pics you choose to show.
    Hope your little one is feeling better by now!

  7. The cookbook sounds like a must in the list. i know how it is to not able to pack a lot of presents for family and love ones when you have to use a plane to meet the,. I can't afford expensive excess luggage.

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  8. I'm so glad you linked a post up! Thank you :).

    Mid November... One of my favorite times of the year, but if I don't watch it- one of my most anxiety-filled times of the year. So much to do, to plan for to BUY (even when I've planned to 'keep it simple').

    I'm trying my very hardest (if that makes sense) to be prepared this year- so that I can relax, and enjoy my 'mid-November' days :).


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