November 11, 2010

Pins of the Week

Here are a few things I've spotted and loved this week (clockwise from top left):

*Michelle Obama - Love this beautiful picture of our stunning first lady.
*Cool shirt - It may not be substantial enough for New England winter, but looks pretty for New England fall or spring.  
*Heels - Since I'm trying to wear more dresses now, I also need more shoes.  Heels, to be specific.  How cool are these?  I love the substantial heel and the cute little flower on the front.  
*This is what I would do all day if I could - Just a fun picture, reminding me that it's nice to read during the day too and not just at bedtime.  
*Sweater - This one does look warm enough for the New England winter.  Another holiday wish-list item.  (My list is getting a bit long, I'm afraid.)
*Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Tart - Trying to select desserts for the upcoming holidays, including a bake-off entry.  (I compete with my sister-in-law each year for the best dessert - just a little friendly family competition that adds a little fun.)  This one looks so pretty, and I like to steer clear of chocolate at Thanksgiving.

These are just a few of the photos I've recently pinned on my pinboards at Pinterest Mary Loves


  1. What a beautiful selection. I really love that top and would love to walk around the city in those cute heels
    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my tee and tote Giveaway!

  2. That tart looks DELICIOUS!!


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