December 1, 2010


These days I find myself puttering around the house, making lists and little preparations for the upcoming holiday.  We will be the hosts again this year, so I'm getting ready for our little house to be full of family.  I'm collecting menu ideas, moving unseasonal coats out of the coat closet, using up pantry items, cleaning out the medicine cabinets, and generally removing clutter.  Actually, I remove clutter pretty much all year round - clutter and I are not friends, but I'm a little more focused on it at the moment.  I continue to do a little bit each day so that I'll be ready to just relax and have fun when everyone arrives.  And for the record, I am wishing that our street looks something like the above picture on Christmas morning.  

I'm also trying to do a little every day to honor the holiday season.  My cards are set up on the dining room table, and I am addressing a few each night.  My iPod is now full of holiday tunes, some new and some old.  I love a mix.  I put a little egg nog in my coffee this morning.  I water my beautiful tree.  I am collecting cookie recipes, unable to choose between so many yummy options.  I am gathering gift boxes in my closet and am looking forward to a wine-and-gift-wrap night in the coming weeks.

I've noticed some people letting the stress get to them, and I want to tell them to go have a cup of hot cocoa.  Stir it with a candy cane even.  It's the most wonderful time of the year...

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A bit much, perhaps, but how awesome is this scarf?  8 feet of luxurious merino wool.  Wow...
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  1. Its truly the most amazing season and I am so excited for this Christmas:) Wish you a great day

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  2. Hi Mary - I am with you - although I am just really hoping my Christmas cheer holds until late December! I am really ahead of myself this year and have got alot organised already - like you we are hosting. Mental note: must order that turkey! These pictures are lovely - especially the hot chocolate! Lou xx

  3. Me too! I love this time of year :)

  4. great pictures and lovely words. My streets DO look like that right now. It's beautiful and it helps to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

  5. I abhor clutter too! love how you are getting into the spirit. i am collecting lots of boxes, trimming and gifts and i think i'll have wine when i wrap them too(: good idea!

  6. I am with you. I love this season and am determined to not allow any stress to come my way.

  7. I need to start with the preparations too but I can never find the time ... Holiday seasons are so much fun and preparations are just part of it...

  8. this post put me in the holiday mood and motivated me to get going around the house and also made me want a cup of cocoa. merci!


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