December 22, 2010


my husband took this photo of the chokeberry bush in front of our house - it's one of my favorites, and hangs in our dining room
The title of this post is for my sisters, who love to throw a good "hark!" in the middle of a conversation.  I'm busy today food shopping and cooking, but I thought I'd pop in here to say hi and share some of my favorite holiday and winter images I've seen recently.  I am especially drawn to those that are simple and peaceful.  

For me, an essential part of this season is the celebration of winter and the solstice - how magical that we had an eclipse this year on the shortest day of the year.  So now the celebrations can start, as the days begin to get longer again.  I hope you're all able to enjoy some joyful time with family and friends during this holiday season.  
colombian christmas tree via flickr


  1. Such a pretty photos but my favourite is the one made by your husband:) So great! Kisses, my dear

  2. Never seen the columbian christmas tree- so simple and beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful images Mary - very simple and special. I have enjoyed looking for Christmas images so much - there's just too much beauty out there! I hope you have a restful time this Christmas - you have got the tone right completely. Lou x


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