December 12, 2010

Love is...

My end to this sentence today...
"Love is throwing a birthday party for your son and a bunch of his friends.  Making homemade cupcakes.  Not caring at all when nobody wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey or when they made it look like a hurricane hit the house."
"Love is when your son runs around the house yelling "yeah! that was fun!  thanks mom!" after the party.  Love is the way he holds onto me after I read stories at bedtime...he doesn't want to let go."  
"Love is 'lub', 'louw', 'low', according to my little guy, but the message is perfectly clear.  Love is the beaming smile I see every time he sees me."
"Love is being a gracious host and hanging a pinata and buying balloons and taking coats and watching your little boy during a party when you feel like crap and really just want to lie on the couch."  
"Love is handling dinner, bath, and bedtime so your sick husband can lie on the couch and go to bed early."
I live in a house full of love.  


  1. this is the sweetest post, mary. i needed a little pick-me-up and this definitely did it! xoxo, so glad you're surrounded by so much love


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