November 30, 2011

At This Moment...

...My head is swirling.  I need to make a list of the things I want to do this month and plan them out.  Right now they're just a big beautiful jumble in my head.  Cookies and crafts and party games and gifts...
...The tree is up and sparkling in all its colorful glory.  Colored lights can be just as cozy and peaceful as white lights.
...I'm listening to She & Him Christmas, the latest addition to my holiday music collection.  I love that they can sound old-school and fresh at the same time.
...We (and by we, I mean those two little boys) have broken two ornaments so far, in the three days we've had the tree up.  Wonder how many more we'll lose...
...The house is a disaster.  The dining room table is yet again filled with stuff.  Christmas cards, scraps of paper from tonight's paper-chain-making, the mail, my's a bad scene.  I haven't cleaned up the kitchen from dinner yet either.
...I'm eating a Dove dark chocolate.  I gave up ice cream for the cold season, but I still need a little bit of sweet at night.  Sometimes just a little piece of chocolate is enough.
...I'm exhausted.  Managing two little boys through dinner and bedtime saps every ounce of energy out of me.  I'm tired of talking about how I'm tired, though.  
...Ooh, now Sufjan Stevens is on.  Very cool Christmas album.  (I like the traditional stuff too - Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra and the Boston Pops are all represented.)
...My little boy is shaking his door latch.  He recently moved into a bed, and it did not take him long to learn how to get out of it.  He now refuses to stay in bed.  What can I do to convince him how utterly divine sleep really is?  I think I hear him in the hall now.  I guess I should go put him back to bed...

See?  Colored lights can be cozy too...


  1. i love this post. :) have been listening to she & him as well -- the christmas cd is so wonderful. it makes the holidays feel even nicer.

  2. mary - we are soulmates! every word in this post sounds like something that might come straight out of my mouth. thank you for the she & him! Listening to it on spotify right now and LOVING it. :) and I just so happen to have dove peppermint bark chocolates at home and have been nibbling on them every night. just a little something to keep me sane! our tree hasn't gone up yet -- but will this weekend, and i'm already frightened for my ornaments. that terrible twosome had better learn real quick to leave my tree alone! ;)


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