November 22, 2011


My big boy:  "Dad, what is your favorite color?"
My big boy:  "Is it white?"
K:  "No, it's not white."
My big boy:  "Well then why do you want to have white lights on the Christmas tree?"

HA!  As predicted, my husband is learning to deal with the fact that we will be having colored lights on the tree for a while.  A long while, I predict.

My husband is a white-lights person, and I am a colored-lights person.  Before kids, we alternated years as a compromise.  But the kids are solidly on my side now.


  1. so funny. smart boy. i love that you love colored lights.

    its weird, given my 'more is more' approach to color, but i prefer white. that said, i hope you win the light battle this year. xo

  2. ha! I'm a white light kind of girl.

  3. I can definitely see the appeal of white lights. They're very cozy and peaceful. And Sara, since you carry bold colors in your house year-round, I can see why you'd prefer white. My house has pretty soft colors, so I love kicking it up a notch for the holidays.

  4. ha! colored all the way baby!


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