November 29, 2011

Make an Entrance

We need something in our front entryway.  It is a very small space right inside the front door, but it needs something.  A bench for sure.  And a coat rack of some sort.  Right now all we have is a pile of shoes against the wall, and coats often end up on the dining room chairs.  (Rapidly climbing my list of all-time biggest pet peeves.) 

Here are a few pictures I've pinned recently.  I'm becoming inspired and more and more motivated to find something to complete this space.  Anybody know where I can get a cool bench like the one above? 

designed by Miles Redd via Two Ellie

1 comment:

  1. I do think a bench is perfect. We have an old school one in our little Breton house, and I really miss the perfection of it here. If you find one let us know!


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