September 30, 2008

Kid's Clothes

*Image from MiniBoden

I remember before I had kids, I always said I'd only buy clothes from Target or yard sales, and I'd use hand-me-downs in a heartbeat. Kid's clothes are so expensive, and of course the kids grow so fast that they don't even get to wear them out! Well, now that I have a little one, I'm learning that there are times to stick with Target and times to splurge just a little.

Old Navy is my usual "go-to" store for kid's clothes. Still relatively cheap, but the quality is good enough, and there are some cute options, too. I shop the sale racks a season ahead, and I'm able to keep costs down.

Sometimes it's also good to spend a little more for high quality. Items such as coats - things that are worn every day - would fall into this category. And let's face it - sometimes it's just fun to splurge. For your own little ones, nieces and nephews, or friends. There are tons and tons of kid's clothing stores, but I thought I'd share one I like: MiniBoden. It's a little more, but the quality is great and the clothes are super-cute.

One other lesson learned, which all you parents will roll your eyes at because it's so obvious. Don't laugh - I just hadn't spent a lot of time around kids before my own. I honestly didn't understand why all kid's clothes had to be full of characters, animals, monsters, etc. Now I get it. The other day, I tried to put a plain blue t-shirt on the little boy, and he threw a fit. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "shark". He wanted to wear his shirt with the shark on it. Of course he did.


  1. How funny. My girls are 10 years apart. First daughter had all new clothes top of the line.
    Second daughter has never had a new outfit, five years and going strong. Only secondhand for my princess. Save all that money for when she really needs it. I've learned life is not a fashion show, pretty is as pretty does.
    great post.

  2. Of course you're totally right. I do try to keep myself in check. I've learned the hard way that sometimes quality does matter, though. Thanks for visiting!


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