September 18, 2008

Find Some Peace and Quiet

One of my resolutions this year was to find some time for quiet every day. I will admit that I am not always successful, but I am more often than not. I've found that it is very beneficial to my mood. I have not been successful at meditating, but I think this quiet time is a step in that direction.

The times I am most often able to find peace and quiet include:

1. After the little boy's bedtime/before dinner - Particularly when Kevin works late, I am usually able to find 10 minutes after Aaron's bedtime. Sometimes I enjoy the quiet while making dinner or putting dishes away, but I've learned how to do these tasks while allowing my mind to be still. Other times I am able to just sit and relax. My front porch is a great place for this.

2. My commute. Most of the time, I need to sing my way to work, but sometimes I turn the radio off and let my mind wander.

3. Early morning. I get up and showered and dressed before the little boy wakes up, and since Kev usually leaves before me, I get a few minutes of quiet time. Again, sometimes I'm packing a lunch or putting dishes away (ah! this neverending chore), but the house is still and quiet.

4. Walks. On particularly busy days, sometimes I take a break from my desk at work to take a short walk outside. Walking feels good, and getting a burst of fresh air helps relax me. On other days, the little boy and I will take a longer walk when we get home at the end of the day.

5. Reading. I end most days with a good book. It's a nice way to unwind and take the focus off of my to-do list before heading to sleep.

What are the ways you find peace and quiet during your days?


  1. Anonymous18.9.08

    Sis, I marvel each time I access your blog at what a remarkable person you have become & are becoming. I feel so privileged to be your sister. You're doing a great job at taking care of yourself and your family. Those moments of quiet are essential in the insanity of our lives. (I'm like our Dad & enjoy a few minutes of quiet with my first cup of coffee in the morning, before the youngest gets up). I love you lots!!

  2. Aw, thanks Sis! I do my best and I have lots of great examples in my life, yourself included. Love you too!


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