September 3, 2008

Dining Room Pictures

*View from our room at the Vermont B&B we visit each year

*Waterfall on the Charles River, down the street from our house
Continuing my efforts to decorate our house, I had to choose something to hang in our dining room. Especially since it was painted beige (very nice and clean against the white trim, but still beige), it needed something.

I spent some time on Etsy, looking at paintings and photographs, and then I realized that maybe we should hang some pictures of our own. We have quite a few very nice photographs that Kevin and I have taken ourselves, particularly since we got a nice camera last year. It also feels a little "homier" having our own memories on the walls rather than something somebody else saw.

So I decided to hang two 8X10 pictures, matted in 11X14 frames, above our buffet. We're going to rotate the pictures seasonally. I've chosen Fall and Winter so far, as you can see here - I have some time to choose Spring and Summer.

*The bridge across the Charles, again down the street from our house
*Close-up of our chokeberry bush in front of the house
*And here's a little peek at the results
What do you think?


  1. Lovely! You just made me realize that I need some more personal photos on our walls. Something that actually means something to us. I'll have to look into that. Love your buffet!

  2. i love pretty + lots of personal meaning. perfect.


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