September 30, 2008

How Do You Wear Rain Boots?

*Image from Piper Lime

I'm serious. I've never owned a pair of rain boots. I am one of those people that wears regular shoes and then walks around with wet socks all day. So what do you do? Wear them to work but bring another pair of shoes to wear in the office? Seems like such a pain, but maybe it's better than wet socks, and I've seen a lot of really fun boots. I'm just curious. Help me on this one. Winter is coming fast, and Spring is right behind it.


  1. when i lived in bean town, i dedicated one drawer in my office (cube) to shoes. i kept ALL of my work shoes at work. this saved room at home and it enabled me to wear comfy shoes into the office. flip flops in the summer, rain boots in the rain, snow boots in the snow, running shoes if i walked to work....when i arrived each morning, i would pick out my shoes for the day. somedays i picked heals, but switched to flats mid day...other days i started in flats but threw on some heals for a big meeting...

  2. Those Wellies are all the rage here. My kids say on campus, they wear them all day, but I'd imagine for work, you'd switch off when you got there. They look like a lot of fun to wear!

  3. Hm. Okay, well, perhaps I'll give it a shot if I get inspired by a fun pair of boots. Thanks!

  4. I bought a fun pair at the beginning of summer. I ended up only wearing them twice because it was kind of a pain to bring extra shoes with me. But I do love them!


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