September 17, 2008

J.Crew Fall Collection

I love this red jacket. And I think it would look cute on me. But would I really wear it all that often? And should I really spend that much money on it? Probably not, and no. But it sure is cute.

I got a "free shipping" email from J.Crew, so I thought I'd check out the latest. I love the orange sweater - not yet over my "I love orange" phase - but it's already sold out in my size! Geesh. Lots of other cute stuff, although when did J.Crew become a place you go to spend $500 on a bag? Or $3000 on a bag?!? Who buys that stuff? Disregarding those oddities, there are some cute items to be had if you're looking to add something new to your wardrobe for the Fall.


  1. The Astrid jacket is actually very orange in person. I have tried it on many times at the store, but have not yet justified the purchase. I am not sure I will get that much use out of it this season.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! That is the danger of online shopping of course. I think I'll be able to resist, although I do still think it's cute.


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