January 13, 2014

Hot Stove Cool Music

photo by Kelly Davidson

Overall, the weekend was quiet, a little too quiet at times.  It's tough containing the massive energy of two little boys within the walls of our little house.  With no snow to lure them outside, it's common to see them literally bouncing off the walls.  But we managed.  Lots of games and watching winter sports championships in preparation for the upcoming olympics.

The highlight of the weekend was our outing Saturday night.  Kevin and I attended a benefit concert hosted by Theo Epstein (former GM of the Boston Red Sox), Peter Gammons (baseball commentator), and Mike O'Malley (actor/writer).  They rounded up some of their musician friends for the 14th year in a row to raise money for The Foundation to be Named Later, which benefits many wonderful charities in Boston.  Not only is it for a great cause, but they also just happen to include some of my favorite musicians.

Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly) are two of my all-time favorites, and they are the main reasons I wanted to attend.  They did not disappoint.  We also got to see Kingsley Flood again, and if you haven't checked them out yet, you should.  Especially if you get a chance to see them live.

Live music is so good for my soul.  It fills me up.  Standing in a crowd, feeling the bass in my chest, singing along (or listening), dancing (or standing still).  One of my absolute favorite things in life.

Kingsley Flood

Tanya Donelly and Bill Janovitz

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  1. Thanks so much for the intro Mary! I have been onto iTunes since and love the music of both! xx


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