January 31, 2014

A Few Things...

Don't wait...

Happy Friday!  We had a smooth week.  Parent/teacher conferences, baking cookies, budgeting fun, and some extra cleaning that makes me feel like I'm actually getting ahead.  I had an especially good yoga session this morning, and we're headed back to the slopes tomorrow - I feel great!  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Here are a few interesting things that I've run across this week:

Five Pete Seeger songs to sing together.  We lost a good one this week.

Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders.  It's so easy to do some of these things, but it's so important to remind ourselves what is best for our children in the long term.

Extremely Long But Fascinating Article About President Obama.  Seriously long, but a worthy read.

Mindful Drinking.  I've been doing the same thing, not reaching for that glass of wine even when I really want it.  That said, it's Friday night and I'm making something of the Mexican variety.  There will be beer.

Solar System Tour.  I'm a space geek.  I just love this stuff.

Two posts from Momastery:  This one, about the questions we ask in a relationship.  And this one, that you should read and share. And then go thank a teacher.

Four Ways to Hear More in Music.  Read this and then listen to a song you love.

Marriage Advice From a Divorce Lawyer.  Written by my cousin, this contains a lot of great advice.

Have you read the post on Design*Sponge about the changing face of blogging?  It's genuine and thoughtful.  I think one thing she neglects to discuss is that there are different segments of bloggers.  At least two - one that's trying to build a business/brand and potentially make a little money, and one that blogs for themselves, a creative outlet, communication with family/friends...  It's thought-provoking, though.


  1. Hi Mary. I just read your comment on Loo Boo and Shoes and I had to stop by and meet you because I felt such a connection to your words. I like to joke that I am one of those moderately unsuccessful bloggers, which i suppose is code for I write for all those lush, beautiful reasons you listed in your comment. Early on, I did struggle over where I was going with my blog, and how slow it all seemed to be happening and I began to feel discouraged with comparisons until finally I just felt like the joy was seeping out of my little blog. I even pondered quitting the whole thing. And I wish I knew what's changed but I finally-just recently- began to relax with my blog. and now I write whenever I can and it feels so much better.
    Out of curiosity I did read the essay on Design Sponge and while I found it interesting, it's hard for me to relate to the laments of the big, high-profile blogs. On the issue of comments however, I do think that readers are no different than the average person. They want to be recognized. And I think that the danger of growing a blog with such a big following means that it becomes difficult to maintain a connection with readers that feels 'personal.' I know that when I visit a blog and leave comments over and over and never hear back, I eventually stop. Ahough it's a good lesson for me, reminding me not to take readers for granted and to remember that behind each comment is a real person. So there it is, my humble opinion that you didn't ask for hahaha...Sorry for the blathering, I actually stopped by to tell you what a lovely comment you left.

    1. Leslie - thanks so much! I absolutely agree with all of your comments, and I think we should remind ourselves that there are many more of "us" (the small bloggers that prefer a personal connection) than there are of "them" (the big business bloggers). I'm happy you stopped by and thanks again for the lovely comment.

  2. Hello Mary - another thought-provoking post; that piece by your cousin is really interesting and kinda makes me sit up and think I should be more thankful of the happiness that marriage brings. Along with the laundry and the in laws ;-)

    I agree with Leslie above - you did leave a lovely comment and I was pleased that you encapsulated exactly what I think blogging is all about. When I first read the Design Sponge article I was, I admit, angered by it as I recognise that 'poor me' attitude of big bloggers who have had it good for a long time and who can, on occasion take a 'holier than thou' tone. But then I softened once I had thought about it. I had a similar reaction when a year or so back, everything fired up about crediting photos. Whilst I agree that crediting is important and plagarising is bad; the internet is not the place to confidently exert copyright law. Pinterest alone must have taken the biggest strides in making a distance between a picture and its source. I guess crediting took all the fun out for me and I honestly considered stopping my blog as I couldn't confidently say that I was properly crediting every photographer, stylist, model, interior magazine etc. Anyway...over time it's got more comfortable again and I am sure that the supposed demise of commenting may follow the same route.

    For me, I rarely comment on the bigger blogs as frankly I don't think my words matter. They are not being written for me, if you see what I mean. I notice the comments I get have changed and there are fewer, but then I suppose I spend less time commenting too as I am not trying to drum up business all the time. I think there's an army of commenters out there who are pushing the 'follow me and I will follow you' mentality.

    So - I'll stop there, but anyway if nothing else a really good debate.
    Have a great weekend - enjoy the shoop shoop on the slopes...
    Your friend Lou x

    1. Hi! Yes, a happy marriage is certainly nothing to take for granted. And agree....I don't comment on the big blogs much any more either, because once there are hundreds, would mine ever even be seen? Ah well, I'm just going to keep up my little blog because it makes me happy. And it makes me happy when friends stop in to chat. :-)

  3. Mary, I loved your cousin's article - thank you so much for the link!

    As for the Design Sponge post, that was an interesting read. I agree with you that there are different segments of bloggers and I definitely fall into the latter category that you describe, but am learning to stop beating myself up about not having a specific "direction," or my blog stats, or the frequency with which I post. Instead, I try to see my blog as a little record of parts of my life and my thoughts, and if people stop by and/or comment, then that's just a bonus :) Anyway, that's just my 2c worth, even if I'm not quite on point!

    Enjoy your weekend and the snow :)

    1. Thanks Natasha! I actually just commented on your blog - such amazing pictures. Your comments are exactly on point, and I feel the same way. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that I shouldn't worry about stats or comments or posting every day..... My little blog is exactly as you describe: a record of parts of my life and thoughts. Hope you had a nice weekend too!


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