January 8, 2014

Getting Started...

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I just love this green barn, though.  

After all the loveliness of the holiday season, I always appreciate the new beginning in January.  I tend to feel the urge to organize and clean and get the calendar straightened out for the new year.  I kick my exercising up a notch, and we all embrace the school routine.

Except.  I haven't quite found my rhythm.  Not sure why, but the usual "get up and go" hasn't hit me yet.  I've still maintained my usual exercise routine, and the kids are now back in school.  I'm running errands, checking items off the list.  But I'm not ahead of it yet.  I need to get to that place where I can be doing those extra chores around the house, where I feel like I have time to schedule a coffee or lunch with a friend.  I'll get there.  It's only been a few days, so I will accept that this is a catch-up week.  Next week I'll get further down the list.

I haven't even felt the urge to come up with any resolutions, or even an overarching theme such as "more music" or "be present", my goals from the last two years.  Truthfully, I think I'm doing okay.  When I read the lists about "how to simplify your life", I find that I already do most of the suggestions.  Regular donations, reduce clutter, simplify the wardrobe, minimize buying, buy quality, slow down and enjoy meals, create a weekly menu, etc...  There is always something to be done on this front - this week I'm focused on reducing the amount of subscriptions hitting my email inbox, and man that feels good - but it's an area that already has my focus.

I have the same resolutions as everyone else:  Be nice.  Exercise.  Drink more water.  Sleep more.  Take care of myself.  Don't compare.  Don't judge.  Practice my guitar.  Wash my face every night, and don't forget the eye cream.  Patience, patience, patience.

My current state extends to the blog, which obviously has been sparse lately.  I've been getting caught up with my favorites, preferring to read rather than to write.  But I will be back.  I'll find my groove again.  We all go through phases, right?  I do find that if I've been away for too long, I genuinely miss this space.  There's something about putting your thoughts out there, writing them down for all to see.  And particularly since I am home full-time right now, it's a daily connection that sustains me.

Until next time...


  1. Hello! So I know of the inertia that you speak of. I had it before Christmas and now it has moved on. I found that all of the every day things that we do had lost their appeal. But now I do have renewed vigour (thank goodness; I wasn't enjoying the slump!). I've seen the weather forecasts - hope you are not suffering from wind chill! I think you will find that you will slip in gear when the time is right. We must take this rough and smooth of out life - I suspect it is a symptom of not working. You notice the slow-down and the speed-up as before, frankly, we didn't know what day it was, we were so busy. Funny how our lives are in parallel across the ocean. L x

  2. I love the quote and its so true. I think it sounds like you need to follow your instincts and maybe step out the box :)? lots of luck and happy new year.

  3. I'm not into resolutions this year either. Unless you count doing away with chapped lips. haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one stressed out by junk mail. I've been unsubscribing like a crazy person this week.

  4. that last paragraph... i completely agree.


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