November 8, 2013

A Few Things...

Happy Friday!  First….I encourage you to hit play on the tiny desk concert above.  I'm just getting to know Daughter myself.  Listen while you read.

It's been a good, and quiet, week.  Our door project is on hold, which is frustrating, but the break has been good too.  Now let's hope it gets done next week.  

I mostly exercise at home these days.  The best time for me to do it is first thing in the morning, and the boys are here, so I no longer belong to a gym.  Sometimes I go for walks, but I admit I don't like doing this when the weather is cold.  Anyway….I exercise at home.  I recently discovered a great site on YouTube.  (There's a lot of great stuff out there!)  Awesome, challenging workouts, and new ones posted every week.  So I am feeling my butt and shoulders today and feel great!  

Date night tomorrow night.  Thinking of seeing Gravity, as it seems like a movie that should be seen in the theater.  Have any of you seen it?  

Fun news!  Aaron takes piano, and during each lesson, Nathan and I just hang out.  It occurred to me - or rather, my little sister wondered - that perhaps I should ask if there was a guitar teacher available at the same time.  I did, and there is!  Now of course I will have Nathan with me, so I hope he's okay hanging out and watching.  I'm excited to see if I can make progress and advance a bit.

Here are a few other things I ran across this week:

Laurie Anderson's Farewell to Lou Reed.  This is so beautiful, it made me cry.

This woman was about to go into surgery for a double mastectomy, and this is what she did beforehand.  Reminds me of my awesome cousin Tiffany.  Brave, beautiful women.

Cameron Crowe's list of the greatest rock movies of all time.  I admit I haven't seen many of them.  Have you?

A 4-year-old Girl Asks a Lesbian if She's a Boy or a Girl.  This is worth the ten minutes to watch.  It's not just about gays coming out of the closet.  It's about the hard conversations we all have.  

Another beautiful song.  Glen Hansard covers a Bruce Springsteen song, with help from Eddie Vedder.    

Eddie and Glen, by Zoran Orlic, via Rolling Stone 

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  1. I had a guitar years ago that a boyfriend left behind, and I never learned to play it, and it got broken during a move. I decided to get Emma ukulele for christmas, but I have to admit that it was kind of a selfish purchase, because I want to learn it too. :)

    I read the Rolling Stone article earlier this week and it gave me chills. Very beautiful.


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