June 10, 2013

Summer Fun List - Update

Well, we did it.  We got our Summer Fun List documented and hung up for us to keep track.  The boys are super excited, and we already have a couple items checked off!  We bought popcorn on a cob from the farmer's market last weekend, which was awesome and super fun to try.  And we made a new flavor of popsicle - Fudgesicles!  The recipe was found here, and oh. my. goodness! are they good.  Seriously.  Crazy good.  Good enough for adults.  Serve them at your next party.  Yum!

Now this is my kind of to-do list...


  1. Love this - you're exactly where I want to be: living it day by day and being 'present'. I am envious! And you know our ongoing ping-pong about working mother vs stay at home one? Another factor - when it becomes clear that your child might need more help with homework, more investment, you can be there to give it. Rather sobering discussion with a teacher yesterday has led me (again) to see that it's the anchor at home that lets the ship set sail! Lou x

  2. OH MY! That's fantastic! I wish my to do lists looked like this. How fuN!!!


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