June 19, 2013

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I very often hate the list of links that bloggers put together in posts.  They are either links to very popular blogs that I've already seen, or they put the links in vague little blurbs such as "this made me smile" just to get you to click the link.  A little description would be nice!

Anyway, I realize I've been doing more and more of these posts with links, but that's because I've been doing more reading than writing lately.  I've also stumbled across some fun and cool and interesting stuff along the way.  I like to share.  And I do try to provide at least a little description so you know whether or not it's something you might be interested in checking out yourself.  I hope that helps.

Neil Patrick Harris opens the Tony Awards Ceremony.  Seriously awesome, and it reminds me that I haven't been to New York in forever.  I'm thinking that perhaps it's the place I should go for my 40th - only 9 months to go!

This map showing pronunciation differences in the US is interesting and cool.  It goes way beyond y'all and soda pop.  Check it out.  (*Note:  Yes, Design Mom shared this too, so I should just shut up about my complaints about others' links lists, right?)

Grandma's Experiences Leave Epigenetic Mark On Your Genes - Really interesting article about the impact your ancestors can have on your own life.  You can get more than just hair color and a predisposition for cancer - your genes can actually be altered by their experiences.  In this way, things like neglect, depression, optimism, and resilience can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Rainn Wilson interviews Mindy Kaling in his van.  Rainn has a little show he shares on his YouTube channel, called Metaphysical Milkshake.  He interviews other celebrities, but they're not like other interviews.  I really liked this little chat.

This mix of songs from Boston bands is very cool.  The proceeds are also going to the Richard family, whose son Martin was killed in the Marathon bombing.  Great music for a great cause, and it's only $5!

Best Explanation of Religion I've Ever Heard and I'm Practically an Atheist.  I think the title pretty well sums this one up.

Happy cows - I love including totally random stuff sometimes too.  Tell me these happy dancing cows don't make you smile.


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