April 26, 2013

Little Things...

*The tulips have arrived!  The front of our house is so brightly colored now, and it makes me happy every time I see them.  (I know I post pictures of my tulips every Spring, but they are worth celebrating each year!)  Next will come pictures of azaleas, rhododendrons, and then the lilacs.  Ooooh, lilacs.  We are reaching the happy part of Spring.  

*More and more happy and inspiring stories are coming out of last week's tragedies.  I loved this one - Mass General Hospital ER bought pizza for the hospital near West, Texas.  They were so pleased that they returned the favor and sent BBQ back to MGH.  I also continue to be inspired by the victims.  This woman - Adrianne Haslet-Davis - is a dancer, and she lost her foot in the explosion.  She sounds so positive and determined to keep living.  

*Aaron started baseball this week.  He's excited, and last night he told me he might be a baseball player when he grows up.  It's fun to jump into this new phase.  On a somewhat related note, the Red Sox are in first place.  I know it's April, but still.

*Our friend gave us a box of records he had sitting in his garage.  I love inheriting these old records.  Our little collection is growing fast.  I put on Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy while I did some cleaning.  Nice.  

*I exercised every day this week, including a challenging 90-minute yoga class on Wednesday.  I feel good.  When I start wearing shorts, the whiteness of my legs will still be a shock, but I think I will otherwise feel ready for it.  

*Aaron and I are reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  It's our first non-picture chapter book in a while, because Nathan tends to make this type of reading difficult.  We're about halfway through, and Aaron is loving it.  I am, too.  


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