April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Lots of fun on a nice long holiday weekend...

*A trip to the aquarium, where we saw really cool jellyfish and teeny tiny penguins
*Lunch and ice cream in the city, followed by baseball practice at home.
*Date night with friends, consisting of dinner and a concert.  We saw Hey Marseilles, and they put on a really fun show.
*Easter wouldn't be Easter without a trip to Grandma's house.  The boys were spoiled by their aunts and grandma, which has become Easter tradition.  Lots of sunshine, which meant lots of playing outside.  Lots of good food, time with family, and of course, candy.

Goals for the week:
1.  Figure out what's going on with my eye.  There's something wrong, and it hurts, and I'm worried.  Off to see the doctor, but not until tomorrow.  Until then I worry.
2.  Put the house back together.  After a long, fun weekend, and a couple days away, it needs some attention.
3.  Food!  Have to go buy some and figure out what to make this week.  The Friday holiday has thrown me off my routine.
4.  Start to put together some ideas for Spring Break.  It will just be me and the boys at home.  I want to be prepared.
5.  Put together a Spring music mix.  We are officially in the brown muddy season, and we have another month before we'll start to see flowers.  I need something to carry me through until then.

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