May 9, 2011

Weekend and Goals

Hmmm...How'd I do last week?  Well, I cheered up a little, but I'll be honest - this may be a tougher year than I anticipated.   The trip to the lake is booked - yay!  Babysitter came so we could have a date night.  I finished my book.  And I'm definitely feeling better.  Somehow I think the wine helped more than the water, but...  

 Yes, I think I'm liking these little goals.

 Highlights from the weekend:
1.  The first outdoors farmer's market of the year.  It's growing, and they have some new merchants adding their goods to the mix.  Good stuff.  We got some excellent cheddar cheese, salmon, greenhouse tomatoes, and some seriously good granola bites that the boys adore.  
2.   I made my favorite strawberry-almond cream tart, and my mother-in-law brought a carrot cake.  Double-dessert for mother's day.  Nice.
3.   I must've asked for hugs and kisses from the boys about a thousand times.  Each time they gave me running hugs or sweet sticky kisses.  I know I need to appreciate them while they're still willing to give them.  
4.   Saturday morning was gorgeous, but the afternoon brought a storm.  Not just a typical afternoon thunderstorm - a hailstorm like no other!  Ping-pong ball-sized pieces of ice plummeting from the sky.  It was nuts.  The entire yard was covered with slush, and unfortunately, our flowers and plants took a beating.  Notice that pretty little group of tulips above, and then check them out below.  Sad.  
5.   I sing "You Are My Sunshine" to my little guy every night at bedtime.  He has started to sing it with me.  Oh my gosh may it be imprinted on my brain so that I never forget how precious it is. 

Five commitments for the week:
1.  Schedule some more fun things to put on the calendar - start our summer fun list
2.  Get my work to-do list in order
3.  Give my abs a workout (or 5)
4.  Spend a few minutes with my guitar but don't buy any new music
5.  Be patient

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  1. Lovely photograph of your son chasing the bubbles! Pity about your tulips, though they don't look too bad in the pic!

    Going to check out your summer fun list now.

    Have a great week, Mary!


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