May 31, 2011

Starting Summer in Maine

I love the beach.  I always have.  Before kids, I loved it for the magnificence of the ocean, the peacefulness of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the feel of the sand between my toes.  I still love it for these things, but now I mostly love it for the joy I see in my kids when they are there.  The little guy promptly creates a hole in which to sit and dig.  The big guy wants to chase the waves along the water's edge, over and over and over again, squealing happy squeals. 

We took a quick trip to Maine this weekend.  We visited a picturesque Maine town and a beach that a friend aptly described as "a kid's paradise".  My big boy was pretty upset that we had to come home.  He said to me later that afternoon, "Mom, I like everything about Maine."  I do too.  We are already planning our next trip up there. 

The rest of our weekend was filled with wonderful start-of-summer activities - riding bikes, blowing bubbles, eating outside, and running through the sprinkler.  Summer has officially begun. 


  1. that last picture is the epitome of what summer is for kids. I love it. We're taking Emma to the beach for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I'm SO excited to see her reaction.

  2. I love Maine too! What beach town did you go to? I feel like I know (and dream of) them all...

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blogger's favorites, by the way!


  3. Megan, we went to Olgunquit. I've been to Maine many times before, but this was my first time here - it's a lovely town and wonderful beach!


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