May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Ours was a good one.  Kinda makes it hard to start the week, actually.  But next weekend is a long one, and we're taking Friday off to make it extra long.  I think I can make it through a few days until then.

A few scenes from the weekend:
1.  Joy Kills Sorrow concert on Friday night.  Fun to get out, and it was a good show.
2.  Spring festival at our community farm.  We went with friends and their two little boys, so all four boys had a ton of fun running around the farm.
3.  Chocolate chip zucchini bread.  Another chilly and cloudy Sunday afternoon, so I kept the oven on.  My big boy and I baked this yummy bread, and then I roasted a chicken.  Kevin said the house smelled like Thanksgiving. 
4.  I love de-cluttering and getting stuff done.  We cleaned out the freezer (so it's not only clean, but it closes properly again!) and I got rid of a few big items.  The house feels lighter. 
5.  The big boy is getting pretty good at hitting balls off his tee. He is so proud and excited too. Looking forward to little league...

This week's goals:
1.  Get rid of some more stuff. 
2.  Go to bed early.  The bags under my eyes are out of control. 
3.  Make doctor appointments for me and the boys.  That means finding a doctor for me. 
4.  Make peace with the rain.  (It didn't happen last week, so let's try again.)
5.  Take deep breaths and be mindful of all the good things in my life.

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