May 11, 2011

Sunny Mornings, Good News, and Help

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  Waking up to bright sun and singing birds.

2.  An email from an old friend.  News of a new and healthy baby girl.

3.  My big boy the other night:  "Mom, can I help you clean up?  You can show me how to load the dishwasher."  He followed my directions and was happy and proud when we were done.


  1. the birds were chirping outside this morning at 3:30! I guess they're early birds. ;)

  2. thanks so much for your comment the other day. you know when you read a really good book, and then someone else talks about it, and you remember the characters as if they are friends from your past? that's how I felt when i read your comment!"ohhhhhhhhhhh it's Mary!!!!! haven't heard from her in a while!" LOL it was awesome. YOU are awesome. Keep on writing! :)


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