May 17, 2011

Sometimes I Like to Yell with the Boys

I know I post a lot of indie and folk and acoustic music here, but I have to be honest and tell you that every now and then I feel the need to rock out.

Foo Fighters is one of my favorite rock bands.  One of the things I've always loved about them is their ability to play soft as well as loud.  And even when they're loud, their lyrics are interesting and seem to have real meaning.  I also love that this album sounds like it was made in someone's garage - the sound is authentic and not overproduced.  (Update:  I just found out it actually was made in Dave Grohl's garage!) I've been getting a lot of looks on the highway as I learn the words and scream along with Dave Grohl during my commute to work.

Oh how I do love the Beastie Boys.  I am not a hip-hop or rap fan overall - I really don't know much about the genre.  What I do know, though, is that I've liked Beastie Boys for over 20 years.  Maybe that's what it is.  Listening to them makes me feel like a teenager again.  Whatever it is, I am digging their new album.

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