May 25, 2011

Sunshine, Planning, and Hugs

1.  We walked outside in the morning, and the big boy exclaimed, "Mom!  It's warm outside!  I don't even need a jacket and I'm wearing short sleeves and shorts!"  Finally, it appears warmer weather and sunshine have arrived.

2.  I had the first meeting with our contractors today, to discuss the big house renovation.  Even though we won't do the actual work until next year, I am SO excited to get started!  

3.  The running hugs and kisses I get when I pick up the boys from school are the best.  With my 4 and almost-2 year olds, I think I am at the height of affection right now.  I am going to savor all these hugs and kisses and cuddles.  

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  1. Hi Mary - thanks for your comment, for some reason it makes me feel better that you have the same life striving that I do. Then I visit your blog and see this quote!! Just perfect! We try so hard don't we?! Maybe we should cut ourselves some slack?! Lou x


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