June 1, 2011

What Have I Done for Me Today?

I go through most days feeling pulled in a hundred directions.  Not just metaphorically, but literally, physically, pulled.  At any given moment, I feel like there are ten things I should be doing, so I sometimes struggle with focusing on the thing that I am doing.  I actually do a good job of shutting off work when I am at home; but even at home, there are so many things to juggle.  

I was sitting outside on Monday afternoon, enjoying a gorgeous day, watching my big boy run through the sprinkler, and yet I had a hard time getting rid of that feeling that I should be doing something.  Cleaning the kitchen, getting ready for dinner, putting a load of laundry in, taking on any number of small household projects that need to be completed...  I had to force myself to take a few deep breaths and stay in the moment.  Does this happen to you?

I was venting to a friend - actually, I have vented to several friends recently - about how tough these last couple months have been, and her response contained the following question:  "Are you taking care of you?"  The answer is..."I'm trying".  At the beginning of every day, I think about how I can make the day as happy as possible.  This blog is actually part of the way I reinforce this thinking.  At the end of most days, I evaluate how I did.  What are the things that make me happy?  I'm not talking big things here, and obviously my three boys are the biggest sources of joy in my life.  I will always try to maximize time spent with them.  I'm talking about the small, everyday things.  The little things that often end up in my 'three beautiful things' posts.  Things like reading an interesting book, exercising, learning something new, completing a project, listening to good music, talking to a friend, watching the sky, and eating tasty food.  

So what did I do today to take care of me?  I exercised, I listened to good music, I ate a plate of yummy salads for lunch, I got rid of more stuff, I spent 10 minutes with my guitar, and I sat on the porch with the boys this evening, watching a thunderstorm roll through.   Oh, and I found a few minutes to write here.  Now I'm going to bed to cozy up with my good book.  I'm not always successful, but I work very hard at squeezing in as much good stuff as I possibly can.  I'm doing okay.
photo by Alicia Bock


  1. I always feel guilty when I'm not doing something. I try to keep in mind that I am a better parent, friend, partner, etc. when I'm not stressed out, and when I think of it like that, I don't feel as bad.

  2. As ever we are in sync...I am not sure I am doing enough for me either! Well done for recognising it in your life. If you find a solution to this I am all ears... Lou x

  3. i echo lou's sentiments--glad you've recognized that you need to do more for yourself (you deserve it).


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