June 22, 2011

Dirty Fingernails, Spring Smells, and Guitars

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  I spent some time weeding in the yard.  It's a tedious chore, and yet I love the satisfaction of a clean flower bed.  I appreciate having dirt under my fingernails and a sore back.

2.  The kitchen smells faintly of strawberries and basil.

3.  I managed to get a few new strings on my guitar.  It sounds better, it feels better, and I'm excited to play for a while today.  I've finally tested the theory that the boys can't hear me if I close the doors and turn up their sound machines, so I can practice after they go to bed.


  1. Beautiful things indeed. And I believe that the guitar practice time would be considered 'taking care of yourself' - right!?

  2. yes, beautiful things for sure.


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