June 16, 2011

The Spark

How do you light a spark? How do you make something true? How does art happen?

The Spark is a monthly radio show hosted by Tift Merritt.  I am a huge fan of Tift's music, which is how I discovered her radio show.  She hosts radio chats with fellow artists, and she talks with them about what inspires them, how they live, and how they create their art.  If you want to feel uplifted and inspired, give these sessions a listen.  I started with the musicians, but I've also listened to her conversations with authors and poets and artists.  After each one (which is the perfect length to fill my commute, by the way), the result has been pure joy and inspiration.  Listening to people who live their lives with purpose and creativity is wonderful.  I may never have the talent to create art like these amazing people, but I can certainly appreciate them in addition to their art, and I can learn from them by understanding the way they approach life.  I am so grateful to everyone who creates art and fills our world with beauty and understanding.

Thank you, Tift!

Here's the link to her podcasts in iTunes, or you can view the archives on the Spark website.
photo credit:  Tony Nelson


  1. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up with its glowing.

  2. wow, thank you for sharing this! so excited to listen.


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